Nepean Skating Club | Nepean Winter Skate 2019
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Nepean Winter Skate 2019

Jan 25-27, 2019 (Superseries #10)

The Nepean Skating Club is pleased to be hosting Nepean Winter Skate from Friday January 25 to Sunday January 27. To make this competition a success we require your help.

By volunteering 10 or more hours, the club will return your $150 volunteer fee. This is also a great opportunity for high school students to get their volunteer hours required for graduation. We need all the help we can get, so recruit family and friends to help.

There are many different jobs from which to choose: registration, admission, guest relations, hospitality, runners, dressing room assistants.
We are also looking for donations of food to feed officials – soups, stews, chili and homemade baked goods.

The schedule was revised on January 8 and you can download it here.

Flight lists are now also available here.



How to sign up


The volunteer website is live and ready for you to sign-up. The list of jobs is below.

Although you will be asked to include your full name and contact information, only your first name and first initial of your last name will be displayed to the public.

If you have questions please email me at

Thank you in advance for volunteering. I look forward to meeting you at the event.

Sandy Spence
Winter Skate Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Information

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your shift

Judges Stand

Judge Stand Set Up (age 18+) Thursday evening

Installing pre-built stands. Heavy lifting involved. A helmet, safety footwear and construction tools (cordless drill) are required.

Tear Down (age 18+) Sunday afternoon

Tearing down judges stands. Involves heavy lifting. A helmet, safety footwear and construction tools (cordless drill) are required.

Decor Set up – Thursday evening

Set tables and decorate on Thursday evening
Admissions (age 16+)
Collect admission fees from spectators, provide admission tickets or stamps
Skater Registration
Skater Registration (age 16+)
Sign in skaters, let them know their assigned dressing room number
Music Registration
Music Registration (age 16+)
Record receipt of skater’s music and planned program sheet; ensure music is
organized. Return music to skaters after their event.
Guest Relations
Guest Relations (age 14+)
Ensure spectators demonstrate they have paid to enter the spectator area, ensure
only skaters and coaches enter the dressing room area. Dress warmly as some of
the positions will be in the cold rink.
Hospitality (age 14+)
Provide support to the hospitality coordinator. Keep the food area clean and
presentable, restock serving trays, make coffee, wash pots and containers, light
food prep.
Runners (age 12+)
Drop off and pick up music and report cards from the registration desk, judges
platform and data room. You may also be asked to deliver other items within the
rink. Dress warmly as you will be the cold rink some of the time.
Ice Captain
Ice Captain (age 18+)
Responsible for the flow of skaters coming on and off the ice for an event. Ensure
all skaters are accounted for at rink side before a warm up begins. Keep track of
who is on the ice and who is up next. Wear a head set to communicate with the
announcer. Keep control of the access to the ice. Dress warmly as you will be in
the rink.
Dressing room attendant
Dressing room attendant (age 14+)
Confirm that all skaters for upcoming events have signed in and are accounted for.
Let skaters know if the event is running early or late. Inform the Ice Captain if any
skaters have withdrawn that day. Ensure skaters are in the assigned dressing
rooms. Dress warmly as you will be in the rink.
Food donations
Food donations
Soups, stews, chili, and homemade baked goods. Food can be dropped off in Hall
F starting at 7:00 pm on Thursday Jan 24. Food can be prepared ahead and
delivered frozen.