Nepean Skating Club | Policy on Assessment Days
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Policy on Assessment Days

November 9th 2023

The Nepean Skating Club (NSC), under the auspices of Skate Canada, shall conduct all Assessment Days in accordance with Skate Canada’s policies. If there are any discrepancies between this policy and Skate Canada’s, the Skate Canada policy will apply. Any administrative and financial aspect of Assessment Days shall be within the purview of NSC.

NSC will assign the responsibility of planning and the management of Assessment Days to an Assessment Coordinator. The Assessment Coordinator will ensure that both NSC and Skate Canada policies, rules, procedures, and any other supplemental instructions are followed. This includes determining a skater’s eligibility and making arrangements for evaluators. The Assessment Coordinator will prepare the preliminary and final assessment list based on input received from the Coaches.

All fees shall be set by the NSC Board of Directors (the Board) annually. All skaters must pay their assessment fees online through their NSC account by noon, two business days before the assessment day (i.e., If assessment day is on Wednesday, fees must be paid by noon Monday).

The NSC Board reserves the right to grant exemptions at its discretion.

Withdrawals can only be considered if they are submitted more than 7 calendar days in advance of the assessment date. Skaters who withdraw after that date must pay all applicable assessment fees unless the NSC Board is satisfied, on the recommendation of the Assessment Coordinator, that an extenuating circumstance, like injury or illness, has necessitated the withdrawal.