Nepean Skating Club | Rowan’s Law: what you need to know about concussions
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Rowan’s Law: what you need to know about concussions

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.

If you are an athlete under 26 years of age, parent of an athlete under 18, coach, team trainer or official you need to:

  • review any one of Ontario’s official Concussion Awareness Resources before registering or serving with your sport organization;
  • review your sport organization’s Concussion Code of Conduct; and
  • confirm that you have reviewed both of these resources every year with your sport organization(s)

Nepean Skating Club is committed to the safety of its athletes, coaches and officials and believes that their health is of paramount importance. Please review Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources and NSC’s Concussion Policy prior to the beginning of each season.