Nepean Skating Club | Reimbursement of Expenses for Club Business or Designated Competitions
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Reimbursement of Expenses for Club Business or Designated Competitions

Policy on Reimbursement of Expenses for Club Business or Designated Competitions

The Nepean Skating Club (NSC) supports the reimbursement of reasonable expenses for travel and accommodations while on approved club business or for approved competitions. This policy applies to:

  • Skaters (or their family), not both;
  • NSC employees, Board members, officials or other volunteers; and
  • Coaches

Reimbursements to travelers will be made in accordance with the following:

  1. Transportation
    The mode of travel should be the mode which enables the individual to conveniently attend approved events (competitions, meetings, etc.) with reasonable travel time.
    1. Air: Air travel will be determined by the carrier with the most economical flight in conjunction with practical flight times and destinations. Flights, when possible, must be booked well in advance and shall be economy class. Changes to tickets are to be avoided. Charges incurred for changing tickets should be paid by the traveler unless NSC has requested the individual to change the flight. For any changes made to air tickets after they have been issued, the traveler must pay the change fee including all service charges, unless pre-approved by NSC.
    2. Private Car: When a traveler uses their private car, the traveler will be reimbursed at a the prevailing Canada Revenue Agency per-kilometer rate. Distance will be independently determined between the Nepean Sportsplex and the location of the approved event.
      1. Only the driver of the vehicle is reimbursed (i.e., any accompanying passengers who are also attending an event on approved business are not eligible to claim mileage).
      2. The traveler is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is adequately insured. NSC assumes no financial responsibility for insurance coverage on privately-owned vehicles. NSC is not responsible for reimbursing deductible amounts related to insurance coverage.
      3. 407 ETR charges may be included in the traveler’s reimbursement on provision of the statement or receipt.
      4. The expense to be paid for travel by private car shall not exceed the cost of the preferred or most economical mode of transportation.
      5. If individuals are travelling more than 60 kilometers by car to an event and are officiating/working on two or more consecutive days, the expectation is that the individual will stay in a hotel at the event location. If the individual chooses not to stay at the hotel, they will be reimbursed fully for one return trip to the event and reimbursed to a maximum of one half the daily official hotel rate, including taxes.
    3. Rental Vehicle: Travel by rental vehicle may be authorized by the President or Treasurer of the NSC Board in advance of the travel when other forms of transportation are unavailable or when it is the most economical and practical method of transportation. When the use of a rental vehicle is authorized, compact or sub-compact vehicles should generally be used. The names of all travelers who will be driving the rental vehicle must be registered on the vehicle rental agreement. When vehicles are rented, appropriate insurance must be selected and the cost of coverage will be reimbursed. The renter is fully responsible for any and all liability related to the rental car.
    4. Train: Individuals travelling by train are to travel economy class.
    5. Other Transportation Expenses: The traveler will be reimbursed the necessary costs incurred for bus, taxi, airport taxes and parking. Travelers should use the best possible fare and ground transportation when arranging all travel requirements. NSC will reimburse for a maximum of one checked baggage fee. Incremental costs of all travel associated with an early arrival or late departure, including travel to and from airport are the responsibility of the traveler and will not be reimbursed by NSC.
  1. Meals and Incidentals
    1. Daily Allowance: When meals are not provided, the following allowance ($50/day, receipts not required) will be paid with no additional amount being claimed for meals:
      1. Breakfast $10.00
      2. Lunch $15.00
      3. Dinner $25.00
    2. Incidentals: Incidentals charged to rooms, such as but not limited to movies or internet, are the responsibility of the individual unless otherwise approved by the Treasurer or President in advance.
  2. Accommodations Hotel accommodations will be reimbursed up to a maximum of the pre-determined rate obtained by the appropriate organizing committee or the official hotel and will be based on two people per room, whether or not the individual stays at the official hotel or occupies as a single occupant. Receipts must be submitted. The Board shall approve in advance the total number of nights for which reimbursement will be provided. Individuals are not eligible for rooms if they reside within the city, or within a reasonable distance of the location in which the events are taking place. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Treasurer or President.
  3. Other Expenses If there are any other or unusual expenses associated with the travel, the NSC Board of Directors retains the discretion to decide whether or not in a given case reimbursement will be provided, in whole or in part.
  4.  All receipts must be submitted to the NSC Office within 30 days following the event where they are incurred to be eligible for reimbursement.


The NSC Board of Directors will, on an annual basis in advance of the beginning of the competition season, determine the level of assistance to be provided to offset expenses associated with NSC senior coach travel in support of NSC skaters’ participation in designated provincial- or national-level competitions (these would typically include sectional or provincial championships, and/or Skate Canada events such as Challenge or Nationals). Influencing factors include, but will not be limited to, the number of skaters expected to participate in the designated competitions, the location of these events and the financial state of the Club. The Board shall also encourage fundraising events aimed at providing additional support for attendance at specific events should it be deemed appropriate.

The Club will not provide assistance for travel expenses incurred by skaters (or the family) and coaches attending invitational competitions. Such expenses will be a matter of private arrangement between the skater (or the family) and the Coach.

In the event that a coach is reimbursed by NSC for travel expenses incurred for attending a competition, the skater (or the family) of that coach shall be informed, in writing, of the reimbursement with appropriate details.

The reimbursement of NSC senior coach travel expenses applies to any NSC skater training exclusively at NSC.

Exceptions to this policy may be considered by the Board on a case-by-case basis.