Nepean Skating Club | NSC Skater Code of Conduct
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NSC Skater Code of Conduct

March 2016

PDF document Skater_Code

The Nepean Skating Club (NSC) recognizes that skating is a sport which requires safe and courteous behavior from all participants, both on and off the ice. Any skater who fails to adhere to this code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.

I hereby agree that I will:


  • treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy and respect, including but not limited to skaters, coaches, off-ice instructors, officials, volunteers, parents and building staff.
  • be supportive of my fellow skaters.
  • not use foul language or behave abusively/aggressively.
  • report any acts of bullying, harassment or abuse.
  • only skate on the sessions I’m registered for or for which I have obtained permission from the club office to make-up or guest skate.
  • keep dressing rooms and other areas around the arena clean.
  • not push, trip or engage in horseplay on the ice or elsewhere in or around the arena.
  • conduct myself in a proper and polite manner when representing the club at any function or competition.


Note: Money and valuables should be kept in a locker and not in the dressing rooms. The NSC dressing room has lockers which are available to rent at a modest fee. The club assumes no responsibility for the loss or theft of any items.


PDF at the top of the page for printing.


Skater’s Name: Parent’s Name: __________________________________________


Skater’s Signature: Parent’s Signature: _____________________________________



Date: _____________________________



Note: Parent signature is required if skater is under 18 years of age.