Nepean Skating Club | Make-up Sessions at the Nepean Skating Club
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Make-up Sessions at the Nepean Skating Club

October 2015

The Nepean Skating Club (NSC) allows skaters to make up skating sessions that they have missed. A skater is permitted one make-up session per skating session in their package. Make-up sessions must be taken within the current skating season and cannot be carried forward to future skating seasons (e.g. a missed session during the Fall/Winter season must be taken within that season).

This policy does not apply to CanSkate sessions.

In addition to the one make-up session per skating session in their package, skaters can make up skating sessions missed if:

they were representing the NSC at a competition; or
the NSC cancels a session that was initially in the schedule. This excludes scheduled test days and sessions during weeks with a condensed schedule (e.g. March Break).

Skaters are required to fill-out a Make-Up Session Pass, available at the NSC Office or on the NSC website, and submit it to the Club office.

Permission must be obtained in advance of skating on a make-up session. Skaters participating in a session without permission from the NSC will be invoiced a guest skating fee. While every effort will be made to accommodate skaters’ requests, the Club reserves the right to refuse or defer a request.

In the interest of skater safety, make-up sessions are only permitted on sessions that are not full.

Skaters must meet the eligibility criteria (see Guest Skating Policy) for the sessions they are requesting.

NSC reserves the right to remove a skater from a session if they present a safety concern to themselves or others.


Download PDF makeup form make-up-session-pass