Nepean Skating Club | Learn To Compete Plus Program
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Learn To Compete Plus Program

The Learn To Compete Plus (LTCP) program is designed to align the on-ice programming offered by the Nepean Skating Club (NSC) to Skate Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model (Skate Canada’s LTAD). This program ensures that skaters at a specific age and level have access to the recommended amount of ice sessions per week as part of their ongoing development.

The LTCP program is open to any skater who meets the following criteria:

  1. registers with NSC as their home club; and
  2. competes at a Skate Ontario qualifying event.

Note: In exceptional circumstances, the Board can admit individuals into the program where these requirements would not apply.

The registration fee for the Fall/Winter skating session will be set by the Board each year. For skaters who join after the start of the session, their fee will be prorated based on the start date. For skaters that leave the program before the end of the season for whatever reason, a request for credit to their account must be submitted in writing to the Board for consideration. Requests for refunds will not be considered except in exceptional circumstances outside of the skater’s control. Credits or refunds will be determined based on the NSC Refund and Credit Policy.

Skaters in the LTCP program will be granted access to all NSC regularly scheduled on-ice sessions subject to the following conditions:

  1. The total time on-ice for the skater is in accordance with Skate Canada’s LTAD;
  2. The skater’s coach concurs that the skating schedule is appropriate for the age, level and goals of the skater;
  3. The skater respects the type (e.g., freeskate, dance, etc.) of ice sessions as defined by the NSC; and
  4. The skater agrees to abide by the skating schedule they choose as part of the registration process.

Skaters in the LTCP program:

  1. shall respect the NSC’s Guest Skating and Make-up Session policies. Skaters in the LTCP program do not have to pay the guest skating fee for occasional additional sessions on the regular Fall/Winter skating schedule;
  2. will be charged applicable fees for ice costs when the NSC purchases ice time outside of the regular skating season;
  3. are required to inform the NSC office in writing if they will be absent from a registered skating session. If the skater is absent from two or more consecutive skating sessions without notifying the NSC office, the NSC reserves the right to remove the skater from that session;
  4. serve as role models to all other skating members in the NSC, regardless of their age, skating level, or skating goals and are expected to conduct themselves with integrity both on and off the ice. In particular, skaters are required to remain in compliance with the NSC Skater Code of Conduct and all other applicable Club and Skate Canada policies to continue in the LTCP program. A founded contravention may result in revocation of a skater’s participation in the LTCP program, as well as any other NSC activities or programs;
  5. are encouraged to participate in NSC organized activities such as ice shows, awards banquets, and send off celebrations, and must complete 10 volunteer hours (excluding Program Assistant duties) during the Fall/Winter skating season to help support NSC organized activities. These 10 hours must be completed by each LTCP skater, and are in addition to the NSC refundable volunteer fee assessed to each family; and;
  6. must be registered, not have any outstanding registration fees owing from previous seasons and have prepaid or arranged installment payments for the current season.

The NSC reserves the right to change the type, skill level and schedule of ice sessions depending on safety, registration volumes, or other reasons (e.g., to accommodate special or unforeseen circumstances). NSC also reserves the right to alter skater registration based on Skate Canada’s LTAD. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact of any changes on skaters.

NSC off-ice programming is not included under the LTCP program. Skaters wishing to participate in off-ice programming will be required to register and pay for this programming separately. Skaters are encouraged to consult their coach for advice and structure their off-ice programming in a manner consistent with Skate Canada’s LTAD.