Nepean Skating Club | Guest Skating at the Nepean Skating Club
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Guest Skating at the Nepean Skating Club

Updated August 2016 – PDF Document Guest_Skate

The Nepean Skating Club (NSC) welcomes all Skate Canada members to join us on our ice sessions.

Guest skaters are:

  • NSC skaters who would like to skate on ice sessions for which they are not currently registered; or
  • Non-NSC skaters who would like to skate on NSC ice sessions. NSC members will be given priority.

In the interest of skater safety, guest skating will only be permitted on sessions that are not full.

Before stepping on the ice, all guest skaters must:

  • have received permission;
  • paid for the session(s);
  • signed the NSC waiver (Non-NSC skaters only) ; and,
  • registered with the coach on duty.

For Non-NSC skaters, a Nepean Skating Club Guest Skating Waiver must be signed and submitted prior to the first guest skate. If the guest skater is under 18, the parent or guardian must sign

NSC reserves the right to remove a guest skater from an ice session if they present a safety concern to themselves or others. The criteria for this assessment will be as follows:

Qualification for Sessions


Skater has a private coach –  there is a  maximum of 25 skaters on the ice

Senior Star
Skater can successfully rotate and land a single axel OR skater is 12 years of age or older – there is a  maximum of 25 skaters on the ice

Skater has received a technical elements score of 10 or higher on any competition report card within the last 2 years –  there is a  maximum of 21 skaters on the ice

Skater has received a technical elements score of 18 or higher on any competition report card within the last 2 years – there is a  maximum of 15 skaters on the ice

*Guest skaters under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a coach.

Permission Request

A request to guest skate should be made by the skater, parent or coach to the Club office at least one business day in advance ( or 613-226-6020). The Club will do its best to accommodate last-minute requests


The standard guest skating fee is $21/50 min for NSC-skaters and $25/50min for Non-NSC skaters.


To pay for guest skating, a NSC Guest Skating Envelope, available at the NSC office, must be completed.

Envelopes with payment can be deposited in the NSC Office Drop Box across from Rink #3, handed into the Office or to the coach on duty.

NSC skaters may ask the Office to receive an invoice.

Nepean Skating Club Guest Skating Waiver and Acknowledgment

(Non-NSC skaters only)

Today’s Date: _______________________________________________

Guest Skater Name: __________________________________________

Home Club: _________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

City: ____________________ Postal Code: ______________________

Home Telephone: _____________________________________________

The undersigned acknowledges that participation in an ice skating session involves certain risks and may result in injury. The undersigned assumes all risks and hazards usual to such participation, and hereby waives all claims, rights or causes of action against the Nepean Skating Club, its officers, directors, employees, sponsors, participants, members and other persons for personal injury or loss of property of any nature, however or wherever sustained, including whether the result of negligence or for any other cause.

It is the responsibility of the undersigned to ensure that the above-named participant is medically fit to participate in strenuous on-rink or off-rink activities. The undersigned certifies that the participant is in good health and proper physical condition to participate in these activities. The participant has no known conditions that prohibit or limit participation in any skating activities held by or in association with the Nepean Skating Club.

The undersigned acknowledges that the participant is a member in good standing with Skate Canada and has an active Skate Canada membership for the current season.

The undersigned acknowledges having read and understood the Nepean Skating Club’s Concussion Policy.

The undersigned hereby consents and gives permission to the Nepean Skating Club to photograph or video the participant for the purposes of club advertisement and promotion. The undersigned is aware that these photographs/videos and/or the participant’s name may be used on the Nepean Skating Club’s website, newsletter or used in other Nepean Skating Club promotions.

The undersigned authorizes Nepean Skating Club to collect and use the personal data on this form to administer our programs.


Print Name


Signature of Parent/Guardian or Signature of Guest Skater if over the age of 18