Nepean Skating Club | Emergency Action Plan
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Emergency Action Plan

PDF Document – emergency_action_plan

If in doubt on the seriousness of an injury or whether an emergency exists……


Nepean Skating Club EAP

This Nepean Skating Club (NSC) Emergency Action Plan (EAP) should be activated at the 3 NSC rink locations noted below or at any NSC location/event when there is an injury or other event that requires an emergency response. This EAP outlines roles and responsibilities of the NSC duty coaches, call person, the locations of nearest hospitals, municipal address of the rinks for first responders, the steps to follow when injury/accident occurs and includes sample incident reports in the PDF Attached at the top.

Nepean Skating Club Sites

  1. Nepean Sportsplex
  2. Walter Baker Recreation Complex
  3.  Minto Recreation Complex Barrhaven

Roles and Responsibilities

Duty Coach

  • Determine if EAP should be activated.
  • Assign a “Call Person” in the following order:
    • Other coach on site;
    • Board member;
    • NSC Office Staff
    • City of Ottawa staff
  • Reduce the risk of further harm to the injured person by securing the area and sheltering the injured person from the elements.
  • Designate a person to be in charge of the other athletes. If nobody is available, cease all activities and ensure that the other athletes are in a safe area.
  • Protect yourself (wear gloves if in contact with body fluids such as blood).
  • Assess ABCs (check that the airway is clear, breathing is present, a pulse is present, and there is no major bleeding).
  • Wait with the injured person until EMS arrives and the injured person is transported.
  • Ensure an incident report is completed and submitted to NSC office within 24 hours.

Call Person

  • Assigned by Duty Coach.
  • Call for emergency help (if necessary) and:
    • Provide all necessary information to dispatch (e.g. facility location, nature of injury, description of first aid that has been done, allergies and other medical problems for that athlete).
    • Clear any traffic from the entrance/access road before ambulance arrives.
    • Wait by the driveway entrance to the facility to direct the ambulance when it arrives.
    • Call the emergency contact person listed on the injured person’s medical profile.
  • Inform arena staff (if necessary).

Steps to Follow When Injury Occurs

Note: It is recommended that emergency situations be simulated during practice to familiarize coaches and athletes with the steps below. If in doubt on the seriousness of an injury or whether an emergency exists…..


Step 1: Control the environment so that no further harm occurs
  • Stop all athletes.
  • Protect yourself if you suspect bleeding (put on gloves).
  • If outdoors, shelter the injured athlete from the elements and from any traffic.


Step 2: Do an initial assessment of the situation
  • If the athlete:
    • Is not breathing
    • Does not have a pulse
    • Is bleeding profusely
    • Has impaired consciousness
    • Has injured the back, neck, or head
    • Has a visible major trauma to a limb
    • Cannot move his or her arms or legs or has lost feeling in them….



If the athlete does not show the signs above, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Do a second assessment of the situation
  • Gather the facts by talking to the injured athlete as well as anyone who witnessed the incident.
  • Stay with the injured athlete and try to calm him or her; your tone of voice and body language are critical.
  • If possible, have the athlete move himself or herself off the playing surface; do not attempt to move an injured athlete.
Step 4: Assess the injury
  • Have someone with first-aid training complete an assessment of the injury and decide how to proceed.
  • If the person trained in first aid is not sure of the severity of the injury or no one present has first-aid training….


  • If the assessor is sure the injury is minor, proceed to Step 5.
Step 5: Control the return to activity
  • Allow an athlete to return to activity after a minor injury only if there is no:
    • Swelling
    • Deformity
    • Continued bleeding
    • Reduced range of motion
    • Pain when using the injured part
    • Head Trauma
Step 6: Record the injury on an incident report form and inform the parents


It is at the discretion of the individual responsible at the time of the incident whether or not an incident report should be filled out. From a safe sport perspective, it is better to over report than under report, especially if insurance claims can stem from the incidents.

An incident report must be completed when any first aid is administered. The severity of the injury will determine the amount of information required. An incident report can be found in the PDF at the top of the page.

Please keep in mind anytime a skater falls and bumps their head, an incident report must be completed in case they may suffer from a concussion. An incident report must also be completed if a skater sustains any other injury. This information is useful and required when dealing with insurance claims stemming from the incident.

Skate Canada strongly encourages you to also report any incident that might help us improve the overall safety in the organization.

911 Emergency Information

Addresses of Rink Locations – Maps can be found in the PDF document at the top of the page

Nepean Sportsplex
1701 Woodroffe Ave,
Nepean, ON K2G 1W2
(613) 580-2828

  • Phone locations
    • Nepean Skating Club Office
    • Front desk of Nepean Sportsplex
    • Zamboni Office

Walter Baker Recreation Complex
100 Malvern Dr,
Nepean, ON K2J 2G5
(613) 580-2788

  • Phone locations
    • Front desk of Walter Baker Recreation Complex
    • Zamboni Office
    • Library

Minto Recreation Complex – Barrhaven
3500 Cambrian Rd,
Nepean, ON K2J 0V1
(613) 727-2683

  • Phone locations
    • Front desk of Minto Recreation Complex
    • Zamboni Office


Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)
401 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON K1H 8L1

Queensway Carleton Hospital
3045 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON K2H 8P4
(613) 721-2000

Ottawa Hospital – CIVIC CAMPUS
1053 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4E9