Nepean Skating Club | Disciplinary Policy 2023
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Disciplinary Policy 2023

  1. The Nepean Skating Club (NSC) adheres to the belief of treating all its members including skaters, coaches, parents, board members, and other volunteers fairly, equitably and objectively when applying any disciplinary action.
  2. The NSC is committed to:
    • providing a safe and fun environment for skaters, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers;
    • providing a sport environment that promotes equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices;
    • ensure this atmosphere of safety, respect, equity and fun, the NSC has created a Code of Conduct for parents and skaters that sets out overall expectations for participants in our sport.
  3. Where a violation of the Bylaws, Policies (such as Code of Conduct) or Rules is investigated and determined by the Investigation Committee to be proven on a balance of probabilities, the possible implications range from verbal warnings to expulsion. In the case of NSC employees or contractors, implications range from a verbal warning to dismissal.
  4. Disciplinary action taken by the Board that is as a result of a a recommendation by the Investigation Committee can be appealed to Skate Ontario through their dispute resolution process.
  5. The President has the power, on an emergency basis, in the best interests of the club, to discipline any skater, coach, official, parent or volunteer for any conduct which is in breach of the Bylaws, Policies or Rules.
  6. An emergency decision by the President is subject to the right of appeal by making a complaint to the Board following the steps in the Dispute Resolution Policy.