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CompetitiveSkate is a program for skaters who show potential as competitive skaters. In order to compete in this stream, skaters are required to achieve at a specific level. Coaches will advise if this is an appropriate option for a skater. Competitive disciplines include: singles, pairs and ice dance wishing to compete in qualifying events all the way up to the international level.

Nepean Skating Club has a strong contingent of competitive skaters, supported by coaches certified for all levels of development and performance. The Club offers programming and supports for its competitive skaters through the Learn to Compete Plus (LTC+) Program and the Skater Development Fund.

Learn to Compete Plus (LTC+) Program

Unique to the Nepean Skating Club, the program is designed to align with Skate Canada’s Long-term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) [click here]. This program ensures that skaters at a specific age and level have access to the recommended amount of ice sessions per week as part of their training.

The program is open to any skater who meets the following criteria:

  • Registers with NSC as their home club; and,
  • Competes at a Skate Ontario qualifying event.

Skater fees in the LTC+ program will by set by the NSC Board each year. For more information on this program, please visit the LTC+ Policy here.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Additional Information:

Off Ice Summer Classes

Happy Drums

Aerobic dance movement with a powerful beat and the rhythm of the drums.
It is a workout for entire body, mind and spirit!
Equipment required for this program- yoga  ball + 2 drums sticks


Rock your body

Balance and strength.
Total body workout with a more athletic approach created from using the most progressive techniques and cutting edge choreography set to motivating music. Equipment required for this program – resistance band, mini band, and yoga ball


 Flexibility and Stretching Class

The benefits of stretching exercises are endless. They help with injury prevention, better muscle coordination, improved posture, enhanced sports performance, increased range of motion, as well as overall greater mental health. Specific movements to release tension and increase flexibility; improved backspin, biellmann, butterfly jump, flying spin, haircutter, etc.


Dance for figure skating 

Jazz, contemporary and broadway; helps skaters to develop their artistic expression.


Ballet class 

Classical ballet, based on the Vaganova teaching method with an edge and an extra kick; plie, jete, jump, and pirouette your way to strength and length!