Nepean Skating Club | Coaches Performing Administrative Duties on Nepean Skating Club Sessions
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Coaches Performing Administrative Duties on Nepean Skating Club Sessions

January 2016


Duty Coaches share the responsibility for the daily operations of the Club on a rotating basis with other contracted coaches.


General Duties

Duty Coaches ensure:

  • Club policies and procedures are followed.
  • Flood punctuality.
  • Equipment needed for each session is available (e.g. music player) and in good working order. Report any breakages or damages to the Club office.
  • Equipment is put away at the end of the day.
  • Writing on glass and boards gets erased and rink is returned to a neat and tidy state.
  • Items left by skaters are returned to the Club office or the lost and found bin in the NSC dressing room.



Duty Coaches:

  • Take attendance at the beginning of the session and make amendments at the end of a session if skaters got on during the session.
    • If the maximum number of skaters for the session is exceeded, approach the coach of skaters who are not listed on the attendance sheet. These skaters will have to leave the ice.
  • Ensure the NSC Guest Skating Policy and NSC Make-up Session Policy are followed.
    • Guest skaters or skaters making-up a session must have registered with the office prior to the session and will be listed on the attendance sheet. If not listed, follow-up with the skaters’ coach to ensure that these policies are followed.
  • Ensuring the NSC Guest Coaching Policy is followed.
    • Guest coaches must have obtained NSC Board approval. The Club office will provide a list of the registered guest coaches with the attendance list.
  • When the Club office is closed, the Duty Coach can allow, on a first come first serve basis, guest skating and make-up sessions only if the following are met:
    • session maximum is not exceeded
    • skater meets criteria for session
    • guest skater has paid for the session (NSC skater can ask to be invoiced)
    • The Duty Coach will:
      • make note of guest skaters or make-up sessions on the attendance list
      • return guest skating envelope(s) with payment and amended attendance list to the Club office.


Incidents on-ice and off-ice

A NSC Incident Report is required when first aid is administered to participants. Duty Coaches will ensure these reports are completed immediately. Ideally, the responsible person who is most familiar with the incident should prepare it. A responsible person can be a coach (not only the skater’s main coach) or a Club board member or administrator. A copy of the NSC Incident Report must be submitted to the Club office. The Club office will forward a copy of the incident report to the City of Ottawa. An electronic Incident Report Form will be submitted to Skate Canada by the Club office [].




Duty Coaches will ensure that the NSC Emergency Action Plan is activated immediately in case of building emergencies (e.g. fire alarm).


Remuneration as set out in Duty Coach contract.