Nepean Skating Club | Associate Coach Policy
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Associate Coach Policy



Nepean Skating Club (“NSC”) supports the excellence in coaching in accordance with the aims of Skate Canada.

The Senior Coach is the skater’s primary coach. Senior coaches make decisions, in consultation with the skater and/or the skater’s parent/guardian about who will coach them, the skater’s level, the skater’s schedule, competition selection, choreography, music, costumes and overall development of the skater’s potential. The relationship between the skater and the Senior Coach is a crucial part of the skater’s development.

Associate Coaches are available to assist a Senior Coach in coaching the Senior Coach’s skaters.

This policy is aimed at assisting Senior Coaches and Associate Coaches to work together within the vision of the NSC’s skating program.

This policy also aims to assist NSC Members in understanding the role of Associate Coaches.


An Associate Coach will only provide services to skaters as directed by that skater’s Senior Coach.

An Associate Coach shall not have client skaters of their own at the NSC. The Associate Coach provides regular, ongoing support to the Senior Coach to assist in meeting the development goals agreed to between the Senior Coach and the skater and/or their parent/guardian.

An Associate Coach will endeavour to make themselves available to work with any NSC Senior Coach that requests their services.


An Associate Coach shall provide a minimum of 2 hours of CanSkate services to the NSC as directed by the CanSkate Coordinator.

An Associate Coach shall not cancel their CanSkate sessions to assist a Senior Coach, unless the Board provides permission in advance.


An Associate Coach is intended to assist and supplement a Senior Coach. An Associate Coach is not intended to replace a Senior Coach.

To that end, it is expected that an Associate Coach will not offer exclusive private lessons to any Senior Coach client. On a given day, it is expected that the Senior Coach provides some coaching time to their client, who may also expect to receive lessons from other senior coaches or associate coaches as appropriate and in keeping with the development plan for the skater.

An Associate Coach can only provide exclusive coaching to a client when the Senior Coach is absent.


Any complaints regarding the use of Associate Coaches should be discussed first with the relevant Associate and Senior Coach. Should the issue not be resolved through this mechanism, the complaint can be addressed through the NSC Mediation and Dispute Resolution Policies, as amended from time to time.

Date created:  December 15, 2023